Memory Washer

Memory Washer 7.1

Memory Washer is a powerful tool that ends your computers sluggish performance
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Is your computer really slow, freezes or crashes constantly and Web pages take too long in appearing in your screen? Then you may be running out of memory. This program allows freeing up your system's memory with just one click. The program constantly monitors the amount of physical and virtual memory used, as well as the number of processes running at a given moment. You can set up the amount of memory you want to free using a slider. The program will free up the amount of memory selected after you push the Clean Now button. Also, using the Process Manager, you can terminate any process not being currently used, thus freeing the amount of memory used by that process. The program also shows detailed information about your system, such as the type of processor, the location of the system folders, and so on. It also includes a shortcut to Windows' Restore System function.

The new version has a new, stylish interface and additional features, such as a more detailed system information, as well as the system restore shortcut explained before. You can try the product fully during 15 days. If you intend to keep using it, you should purchase a license. If you order the product within the first 3 days after downloading the trial version, you will receive a discount.

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